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Sabbath Under Attack

"New Covenant Christians discovering relevance of Sabbath rest."

Perhaps at no other time in history has the practice of observing the seventh-day Sabbath been under such relentless attack. Despite this, Sabbath-keeping continues to rise in popularity as Bible-believing Christians seek to rediscover the same apostolic faith that motivated the first believers in Christ.

While Sabbath-keeping is currently viewed by many in Evangelical circles as legalism, such was not always the case among Christians. Through-out history, nearly every Christian leader, and every major denomination has affirmed the validity of Sabbath worship. However, for most of those churches, Sabbath was observed on Sunday, not Saturday. Over the last 150 years, evidence has been brought to light that the true day of worship is Saturday, not Sunday. Since then, Christianity has splintered into three major branches on this subject.

1. Sabbath-keeping is legalistic, and should be done away with
2. Sabbath-keeping is relevant, but should be observed on Sunday
3. Sabbath-keeping is relevant, and should be observed on the seventh day according to the commandment

Today, option #3 is receiving increasing attention from New Covenant Christians desiring to honor God through physical Sabbath rest on the seventh day according to God's Fourth Commandment.

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The Stress Antidote

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Stressed out? Exhausted? Family problems? Marriage problems? Financial problems? Job problems? Health problems? Does it seem like you are living from one crisis to the next? You are a Christian , but you feel like something is missing from your Chrisitan experience. You have been seeking the favor of God, but have not been able to lay hold of the blessings you have been seeking. Perhaps you need to find the missing ingredient in your Christian experience. Perhaps you need to experience the Sabbath Blessing.

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